Intensive Performance Tap Class - Summer Schedule

Teens (age 13-17) - M. W. F. - 4:00-5:00 pm  ($75 for Summer)

Kids (age 8-12) - M. W. F. -  3:00-4:00 pm  ($75 for Summer)

Adults (18 +) - Saturday - 9 - 10 am   ($75 for Summer)

Classes Start June 13th

Elgin Opera House Stage and Studio

To register please contact Carol at the Opera House Box office - 541-663-6324

Instructor McKay Harris

Limited space so register now!


Inspired by Broadway show stoppers, this intensive class will move students quickly through choreographed tap numbers while learning technique and performance skills.

Tap Shoes

Teen and Adult Tap Class:

Theatricals Adult Lace up Tap $23.50 #T9500
These are the cheapest Basic tap shoes that would work fine for the show, if anybody wants nicer taps here are some style numbers #S0361L #CG17 #CG09
Basically any black lace up, NOT split sole, Not high heel tap shoe will work.

Also #CG09x are on sale now for $41.12! These are super nice taps, this is what I have except for this is the newer version, I paid $75, so if you want to splurge I would get these ones right away!!!

Children's Tap:

Girls, any shinny black tap shoes. #N625C #T9000C Or there is a pair that is velcro and not tie, #T9050C.  No high heels.

Boys, black lace up shoes. There are two I would recommend, #DN3710G and #T9500C. Again no split sole.